About J.P.’s Shellfish

All of us at J.P.’s Shellfish are uncompromising in our commitment to sourcing only the finest quality products and delivering them to you in a timely, cost effective manner. In any business, the three aforementioned factors (quality/timeliness/cost) ultimately determine the success of the company as well and the level of customer satisfaction. Conventional business wisdom dictates that two of these three factors can be met with relative ease, but not all three. For example, excellent product may be delivered in a timely fashion, but it will be expensive. Or product may be inexpensive, and delivered quickly, but it will be of a low grade. Our vertical integration, chain of custody, and commitment to quality allows us to be the exception to this rule. J.P.’s Shellfish was founded with the vision of being much more than just another weigh-station/warehouse for shellfish. This ideal is apparent in all that has become standard operating procedure at J.P.’s Shellfish, and is exemplified in our attention to detail and involvement on all levels of production, harvest, processing, and distribution. This vertical integration provides us with an unrivaled degree of accountability and a chain of custody that extends from the open ocean to you. Or as we like to say…Shore to Door.

You and your clients will benefit from our meticulous nature. We perform quality control checks at every level of harvesting, processing and distribution to assure nothing but the finest product leaves our facility. Product is shipped on our own fleet of refrigerated vehicles. We fully appreciate the obvious advantages that this accountability provides, and are constantly striving to leverage it in ways to better serve your needs. Our common goal, from the individuals who first come in contact with product as it leaves the ocean to those who deliver the product to its final destination, is to provide you with a level of customer service and a caliber of product that not only meets, but rather exceeds, your expectations.

Because we source so much of our product through our own fisheries and ship said product on our own fleet of trucks, we have the luxury of receiving new product every day. Sourcing only what we expect to need for any given day means that occasionally a late order may not be filled and shipped in its entirety. It also means that every order that leaves our central distribution facility has been filled with the freshest product available. Of course, pre-orders are encouraged and appreciated, but are rarely an absolute requirement.
At J.P.’s, we have neither forgot nor overlooked the fact that our commitment to providing an exemplary level of customer service and consumer support is just as important as our commitment to sourcing and delivering the finest shellfish available. Our customer service efforts are typically more focused on working together with our clients in an effort to better serve their needs. We do our best to listen to our clientele’s input, and value and respect your individual requests and needs.