Island Made Steamers

Island Made SteamersWe at J.P.’s Shellfish are very proud to be able to offer you purged Beals Island, Maine “Island Made” soft-shell (Mya arenaria/steamer) clams. Once again…We’re talking about purged clams. Purged, not depurated. Why aren’t our clams depurated? Not to be too flippant…But the simple answer is because they don’t need to be.

The Down East flats and Gulf of Maine waters (which our soft-shell clams call home) are unspoiled by commercialization and or industry. These clams are perfectly safe to eat as soon as they are dug…Our friends on Beals Island simply go the extra mile and wet-store the clams for 24 hours, affording them time to both purge themselves of any sand or impurities they may have taken with them from the flats, and to give them a nice drink of life giving sea-water before they are packed out and sent to market. The resulting clams are the cleanest you’ll ever see. What does this mean to you? No more scrubbing. Guess what! Labor cost just dropped. No more “mudders” that will ruin an entire pot full of clams. Guess what! Food cost just dropped. Your valued clientele appreciates quality product (obviously) and is coming back again and again and bringing their friends. Guess what! Sales are up.

Are our premium grade, purged, Island Made steamers really more expensive than your run of the mill, garden-variety clams? Perhaps not when the aforementioned scenarios are taken into consideration. Think of it in these terms…Would you pay an extra fifty-cents or a dollar for an order of clams that is free of sand? I know I would. Very few things in the culinary world curb my appetite like biting into a sandy clam. But I digress…We have some great marketing materials that will help you to promote this product, please don’t hesitate to ask us to send some your way. Nothing too crazy…Just a nice, glossy one-sided, full color, one-pager to help you and your sales staff illustrate all of the aforementioned information.

Summer is the season for steamed clams. Get your clientele off on the right foot with Island Made steamers…The slogan says it all…”Our Clams don’t give a GRIT!” Island Made steamers are available in half-bushel units, and while pre-orders aren’t absolutely required, they are greatly appreciated.