Canadian Lobster

Canadian LobsterAt J.P.’s Shellfish, we fully have done our best to diversify and thereby open up channels of procurement in an effort to provide you with only the finest product available.? A perfect example of this is our sourcing of Canadian hard shell lobsters (Homarus americanus). Our Canadian lobsters are primarily sourced from the Gulf of Maine waters of Maritime Canada, more specifically, the Bay of Fundy and Nova Scotia.

The waters of the Canada Maritime Provinces have been split into 41 individual Lobster Fishing Areas (LFAs).? Each area is subject to its own season, ranging from eight weeks to eight months in length.? The duration and seasonality for each area’s opening has been determined by analysis of years of fisheries research.? These specific periods of fishing have been designed and implemented in an effort to protect and preserve Canada’s natural resources.? These breaks in the fishing season are synchronized with the molting period of the lobsters.? By periodically ceasing fishing, scientists and environmentalists alike are afforded time to analyze catch statistics from the previous season.? Additionally, the lower yielding, recently molted lobsters, are allowed the necessary time to fill out their shells, increasing their marketability.

It is worth noting that hard shell lobsters travel/ship much better than soft shell lobsters.? The hard shell lobsters are simply heartier and can live out of the water much longer than their soft shell counterparts…Not to mention the fact that the hard shell lobsters will yield a substantially greater amount of meat.? Both these attributes must be taken into consideration when evaluating the true intrinsic value of a lobster.? Recent improvements in pounding (holding) facilities and resource management are largely responsible for the year round availability of the Canadian hard shell lobster, which has become the industry standard for consistency and quality during the winter months.

J.P.’s Shellfish has forged relationships built on mutual trust and respect with these fisheries over the years.? As such, availability ceases to be an issue worth mention, even in the most inclement of seasons.? Please email or call for more information on this or any other J.P.’s Shellfish product.