Deep Cove Oysters

Deep Cove OystersJust when you think you’ve seen everything that Canada’s Prince Edward Island (Talk about unspoiled and pristine!) has to offer, along comes a new flavor…And the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

It seems that many of you are asking for a…”more cost effective”…variety of oyster from P.E.I. We did a little digging (or raking, as it were), and are now sourcing Deep Cove oysters (Crassostrea virginica) from the South shore of P.E.I.

The Deep Coves are a classified as a wild oyster, and spend their entire grow-out within the protected confines of Salutation Cove (N 46’35”/W 63’ 80”). The bed of Salutation Cove is largely comprised of the hard packed red clay which is so prevalent throughout the island. When you combine this topography (which is more or less ideal for the grow-out of oysters) and the tides (provided by the Northumberland Strait) which flood the Cove twice daily, you have a more or less ideal grow-out environment for oysters.

Deep Cove oysters are coming in at roughly three to four inches in length, and are graded as a medium standard. Meats are full, and possess a medium high salinity. Order early! Order often!