Lady Chatterley Oysters

Lady Chatterley OystersThe Lady Chatterley oysters are classified as wild product, however, it bears mention that they are more or less constantly being groomed throughout this period. During the summer months, the Lady Chatterleys are periodically tonged (As with so many of our products…The Lady Chatterleys are grown-out and harvested in a completely ecologically sound and environmentally sustainable manner) from the hard-packed sand floor of the Northumberland Strait, and much of the new growth is chipped away from the oysters.

The resulting oysters are consistent in both size and shape, and are every bit as aesthetically pleasing as they are delicious. The Lady Chatterleys are very deep-cupped, and are coming in at roughly three to three and a quarter inches in length, and the valves (shells) of the oysters are both dense and heavy for their size. The fact that the shells are so hearty is especially pertinent as the Lady Chatterleys possess a somewhat over-developed adductors (the muscles which are attached to the inside of the shells, and ultimately holds the valves together), which are grown in reaction to the constant rolling action of the tides and prevailing currents. So what’s this mean to you? It means that because of these Schwarzenegger-esque adductors, the Lady Chatterleys are able to close up tightly for an exceptionally long time after harvest.

The high-brine liquor be retained longer, and as a direct result of this, you can expect supreme longevity from the Lady Chatterleys. I don’t want to scare anyone off here…But because the adductors are so strong, you’ll probably need to use a little more elbow grease to open the Lady Chatterleys…Good thing those shells are so strong, eh? Here’s a little trick…If you have an especially uncooperative batch of oysters that you can’t seem to coax open by conventional methods…Put them in the freezer for a spell (it shouldn’t take any more than 10 minutes) immediately prior to shucking, and then try opening them. Voila! The extreme cold will induce a certain level of relaxation of the oyster’s adductors, and should allow you to gain access with relative ease.

Lady Chatterleys are available from May through late January. As the sea ice sets in, commercial harvest of the Lady Chatterleys ceases to be commercially feasible, and our oystermen to the North take a well-earned sabbatical until more agreeable weather returns in the Spring. Lady Chatterleys are packed out in 100-count units, and are generally available without a pre-order.