Nautilus Island Oysters

Nautilus OystersThe Nautilus Island oysters sourced through the brackish waters of the reversing falls of mid-coast Maine’s Bagaduce River (N 44.38/W 68.82).

So what makes the Nautilus Island oysters so remarkable? I’m glad you asked! Our Nautilus Island oysters are grown out in floating ADPI bags which place the oysters in the direct rays of the sun for the entire grow-out process, thereby thickening and strengthening the shell of the oyster…As an aside…You’ll be hard pressed to find a more aesthetically pleasing oyster…The shells of the Nautilus Island oysters are the color of alabaster, and are virtually free of any bio-fouling (e.g. barnacles, limpets, vegetation, etc.).

The wash of the tides keeps the oysters in constant motion, and a natural manicuring process takes place, where the thin new shell growth is chipped away, thereby promoting greater cup definition. You’ll find our Nautilus Island oysters to possess an exceptional level of congruity, especially for an oyster of this size.

Producing a small (cocktail) oyster that is cookie-cutter consistent is impressive…But producing a large choice oyster with such terrific consistency is really quite a trick. As an oyster grows, so do the odds that there will be a greater degree of variance in size, shape, and cup definition… especially if the oysters in question aren’t manicured by hand. By utilizing the aforementioned ADPI bags, gentle friction is created as the other oysters chafe against each other, as well as the hard-plastic mesh that houses them. Kind of like a rock tumbler, only not nearly as abrasive. After two-and a half to three years, the resulting three to four inch oysters are some of the finest you’ll find anywhere.

Meats are full, and don’t get lost inside the large shells. Check the salinity, it don’t change; Stays 28 (ppt), come shine or rain!