Pemaquid Point Oysters

Pemaquid OystersFor more than 2,500 years, Maine’s Damariscotta River (which is fed by the Gulf of Maine) has been revered as one of the finest oyster grounds anywhere on the planet, and the good folks at Mook Sea Farm are producing some of the finest oysters to come from the river.

Nuts and bolts…You probably won’t have to say more than “Pemaquid Points, Damariscotta River.” to Cheffy, and you might notice a dilation of his or her pupils, perhaps a few beads of sweat on the brow, and fits of uncontrollable giggling.

Our Pemaquids are farm-raised in an ecologically sound suspension culture, and attain the size of roughly three to three-and-a-quarter inches before they are harvested. Like the Wiley Points, the shells of the Pemaquids are dense and chip resistant. Meats are full and pleasantly firm…You’ll be impressed by the yields. The palate of the Pemaquid Points leads with a bright burst of brine which yields to a medium sweetness.

Pemaquid Points are available in 100 count units, and we anticipate being able to offer them you for the foreseeable future.