Salvation Cove Oysters

Salvation Cove OystersJ.P.’s Shellfish Salvation Cove oysters (Crassostrea virginica) are harvested daily from the pristine waters of the Northwestern region of Prince Edward Island, Canada. Over the years, the family fished leases of Salvation Cove have become renowned for producing some of the finest oysters in region.

J.P.’s Shellfish Salvation Cove oysters are collected from wild stock, and the initial stage of their grow-out occurs in a mid-water suspension culture. That is to say, the tiny Salvation Cove oysters are placed in large bags constructed of a fine woven mesh, and are held off of the bottom by a series of buoys and lines. This method of grow-out keeps our Salvation Coves free of much of the bio-fouling so commonly associated with oysters which are only bottom-cultured. Additionally, the ceaseless wash of the tides and currents not only provides the Salvation Coves with a constant supply of nutrients, but also causes the oysters to chafe against one another and the bag, thereby creating a naturally manicured oyster. This chafing action chips off the thin new shell growth from the Salvation Cove oysters, thereby promoting greater cup definition.

As the oysters reach a more manageable size, roughly an inch or so in length, they are given a final manicure, and are then hand planted (set) on the hard-packed sand and clay shallows of Salvation Cove. Here, the oysters resume the last part of their grow-out, and their finishing. The swift moving waters keep the Salvation Cove oysters free of bio fouling and silt, in turn producing an exceptionally clean oyster. Each Salvation Cove oyster is hand raked, and the fishermen immediately bring their harvest ashore to our processing facility, located on the very banks of the Cove. Here, the oysters are once again graded for size, cleansed, and hand-packed into 100 count boxes. The meats of the Salvation Cove oysters are robust, and will present quite well at any raw bar as they fill the shell completely. The flavor profile of the Salvation Cove oysters is relatively simple with a high salinity up front which is followed by a remarkably crisp, clean finish.