Wiley Point Oysters

Wiley Point OystersOur Wiley Point oysters (Crassotrea virginica) are farm-raised in a suspension culture located in Maine’s fabled Damariscotta River Estuary (N 44:01:53/W 69:29:47). Grown out in the unique Oyster-Gro system (just like our Pemaquid Points), the resulting oysters are?exceptionally clean, both inside and out. Size wise, the Wiley Points are available as Petites (+/- 2.75-3″) and Selects (+/- 3.5-4″), and they are very much a “choice” grade oysters. That is to say, you will find a great degree of consistency in size, shape, and meat yield of our Wiley Point oysters. Wiley Points possess robust chip and splinter-resistant shells which will delight both amateur and seasoned veteran shuckers alike. The meats themselves are full, light in texture, and are of a relatively high salinity.